Par Greenline

Greenline yachts

The Slovenian company Seaway Group has created the Hybrid with a capital letter, a concept based on Your interests, Efficiency and the Environment. When designing and building Greenline yachts our main objective was maximizing your well-being on board and your enjoyment during a relaxing cruise. The concept was proven, and boats immediately became a crowd pleaser.

Greenline is about the ENVIRONMENT

Greenline Hybrid is the best answer to this serious problem: due to its conceptual features, Greenline uses 4 times less fuel per year than any gliding motor yacht. This innovative solution not only reduces fuel consumption, but also ensures efficient operation of the electric motor, using the energy of batteries and solar panels.

Greenline Hybrid is about DESIGN

The quality and level of design, both outside and inside, can be traced throughout the entire Greenline lineup. He has an excellent style that can attract anyone. The modern design concept allows not only to be noticeable at any time and in any place, but also provides maximum efficiency, and this is very important in our time.

Greenline Hybrid is about YOU

We appreciate and share your passion for yachts. Greenline Hybrid will not only provide you with comfort, unsurpassed ease of operation and much more pleasure than any yacht of this class, but also, thanks to its unique design, will open up to you new measurement: it will allow you to enjoy silence and clean air, as if you were on board Sailing ship.

Following the values and philosophy of the brand, Greenline Hybrid takes care of the environment, to other yachtsmen and personally to you. All the Greenline Hybrid yacht zones are easily accessible and convenient to use. Regardless of whether you are steering a yacht from a navigator’s post or enjoying a break in your favorite anchorage, the feeling of home comfort will stay with you all the time.